The Golden Spike: a warming winter cocktail that packs a fiery punch. After trying this incredible beverage, I can’t imagine drinking anything else the rest of the holiday season. If it weren’t for our Gyde Supply heated outerwear, we would keep this recipe in our back pocket to stay warm this winter. THIS IS THE STUFF. Bulleit Bourbon is a favorite of ours here at Prospect Brands, so why not give yourself another excuse to enjoy it.

What you’ll need:

-2 Punch Glasses (You’ll want to share)

-Bulleit Bourbon

-Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps

-Apple Cider

-Aromatic Bitters (We used Peychaud’s)

-1 Lemon

-Cinnamon Sticks



Here’s how it’s done.


Start by adding two shots of Bulleit Bourbon. How cool is this bottle?



Next add a shot of Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps. Now we’re getting fancy.



You’ll now make this holiday cocktail glow by giving it a splash of bitters. (Add as much as you please)



Now for the heat! Add your piping hot apple cider to pull the reigns back a bit. (We infused ours with cinnamon sticks.)



Garnish with a lemon.


We’re imagining you fireside, enjoying this sophisticated winter tipple. Add your loved ones for the final ingredient.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.


Grady Ervin's Store Front.

An opportunity to visit the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina is more than a treat. It is an incredibly special place that has always had a strong appreciation for traditional menswear and classic Southern style. We had the opportunity to visit this novel destination and visit one of our very favorite customers, Chip Ervin of Grady Ervin, a down-to-Earth guy with a Duck Head sticker slapped on the back of his Ford King Ranch. This guy embodies the Duck Head brand and lives it too. With a two year old yellow lab at his side, he greets every new and old customer who comes through the door. Chip has years of experience and naturally has a great story to go with it. Here are some of the things we talked about:

DH- What does the Duck Head brand do for your shop? Why is it a special line to carry?


CE– The iconic brand fits well with our updated traditional specialty store. The label has a long, well worn history in the South and was a natural fit for our mix.


DH- You also carry our other companies under the Prospect Brands umbrella, Crittenden and Gyde. Where do these play a part in your store?


CE– We have been a big fan for years of Critt Rawlings clothing, style, and taste level. His soft coats and their detail have been a bright spot in our clothing wall.


Gyde Supply is one of the most innovative things I’ve ever seen in the outerwear world and fills a niche that we did not have, all while doing it at a competitive price that offers so much more technology and wearability than other brands. I personally wear the Camo products in the field and it shines above any of my other hunting pieces. Once you wear it, if you weren’t already.. “Your Sold”.


DH-We know you are friends with Crittenden Rawlings. What is your favorite story about working with Critt?


CE- Too many to pick… But my first day on the job with POLO Ralph Lauren 1987, I was sent to the clothing factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts… I walk in and who do I meet but Critt, My education began that day and has not stopped since. I am honored to call him a friend and he has been a mentor to pass down his wonderful knowledge to many.


*Footnote they were in the factory that day fitting clothing for Tom Selleck “Magnum PI,” as he was a model for Ralph in the early days, thought that was kinda cool too.


DHWith such history behind the space that you’re in, standing since 1812, and having a heritage menswear store in the space before you, do the customers gravitate towards Duck Head? The Original Southern Brand.


CE- Absolutely. Charleston is a khaki town if there ever was one, and Duck Head has always played a part in that story. Grandfather, father, son and grandson, khaki’s play a part in the heritage of people and what they wear. I was thrilled when DH had khakis that would fit my son (age 10). I ordered 6 pair carried them home. He was thrilled too to wear what I was wearing.


DH-Why is Charleston a special place for these brands?


CE– Classic, timeless, and always in good taste. Old School but with a fresh twist.


DH- Coming from a sales background at Ralph Lauren, and always being on the road, what is your favorite part about your day to day in the retail space?


CE- “The Team,” I’m blessed to have a dedicated, professional sales floor, and they are the reason for “OUR” success. Having people you trust in the trenches with you makes all the difference in the world. Everyday is different but everyday is a new opportunity. Hit the ground running!


DH- When you’re buying for a new season, what do you look for in a line, what do you appreciate? 


CE- Contradiction…but, something old and something new. Don’t forget what or who brought you to the dance. Salespeople as well as customers don’t like big swings in change, so give them what they had last season. “A favorite,” but reach for a fresh point of view also. Stay true to your roots or classification.


DH-What is your prized possession? Something you can’t live without.


CE– At 52, you realize that possessions can’t take the place of family, good friends, or health. So all of the above and a good reputation.


DH-What is your favorite piece in each of our lines respectively and why?



Duck Head- The 5 pockets. Never thought I’d say that but they are hot.


Crittenden- Hacking Coats. A must, in Tartan or Moleskin.


Gyde Supply- Torrid Jacket in Real Tree Camo.



DH- As a closing, we would like thank you for being such a great ambassador for our brand, and all you do to share our great product with others, not to mention the Philly Cheese Steak… Thanks Chip!


“You know you’ve made it when they want to take pictures of your boots.”


Marc Williams, owner of the Sporting Gent in Charlotte was nice enough to let us spend the day with him and his golden retriever, Quinn.

Marc welcomed us in and was immediately excited to share photos of his most recent hunting inspired photo shoot. As he flipped through his iPhone, telling us about each piece of clothing styled in the shoot, we talked about some things that he loves and why. He showed us around his great store, and we discussed what he thinks about Duck Head, amongst other things. Take a look at what he had to say:

What is special to you about the Duck Head brand?

MW– It’s the authenticity of it.  We pride ourselves on authenticity.  True American brands are few and far between these days. Duck Head is one of the originals, and it’s a great thing to watch it come back to life and we’re honored to be a partner in helping it do so.


What is your favorite part about your day to day in the retail space?

MW– That’s easy.  It’s the people we get to interact with.  We’ve never met a stranger here.  Whether they already are a “sporting gent” or wish to become one, we love to chat with them, build a relationship, and help them out in the best way we know how.


When you’re buying for a new season, what do you look for in a line, what do you appreciate? 

MW– We keep it fairly simple.  We look for goods that support the lifestyle we purvey and are proponents of that lifestyle.  Quality, good folks, and a great story is the basis for our decision making.


What is your prized possession? something you can’t live without.

 MW- My dog, Quinn. (Who we were lucky enough to hang with during our visit.)


What is your favorite piece in the Duck Head line?

MW– Hands down the O’Bryan Chino Pant.  Enough said.


As a closing, we would like thank you for being such a great ambassador for our brand, and all you do to share our great product with others. 


As the leaves are changing colors and the temperatures start to get slightly cooler, we figured what better time for us to make some changes as well. All Prospect Brands’ company websites have got a new look going into the Fall season. We are excited to announce updates to all of our brands’ websites. This has been quite the process, but we are very proud of the way we look. Consider this as us layering up with a new Duck Head cashmere merino sweater, or a one of our new Gyde Supply Calor Vests with Microwire heating technology.

It’s never easy making changes, but it will create a much easier browsing and shopping experience for all of you to enjoy. Please take a spin on each of our new websites as they were certainly “Made To Be Worn!”




Duck Head and Crittenden Clothing have recently been reviewed on a few different websites. We would like to thank those sites and let you read their great work! Please take a moment of your time to read what these fine people have to say about our companies. We would surely appreciate it and we know that those who wrote about us would appreciate it just as well. Enjoy!

Ivy Style – Duck Head Takes FlightScreen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.46.21 PM

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Here at Duck Head and the Made to be Worn blog, we like to give you tidbits of knowledge so you can go out and impress your boss, girlfriend/wife, of whoever else it is that you are trying to impress. Today, we thought we would switch it up from style advice and give you a recipe. Sure, it comes in perfect time for your Fourth of July cookout that you will be hosting. Enjoy!

Makes 6 burgers

  • 3 pound ground beef (the best and freshest you can afford)
  • 3 1-ounce packet dry ranch dressing mix
  • 9 tablespoons Beef Rub (see below)
  • 6 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 6 slices sharp cheddar cheese
  • 6-12 slices smoked Canadian bacon
  • 6 white hamburger buns
Beef Rub:

  • 1 cup kosher salt
  • 4 tablespoons coarsely ground black pepper
  • 2 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon chipotle pepper powder
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • 2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoon granulated dried onion

To garnish:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Ripe tomato slices


Preheat a smoker or oven to 300° F. In a medium bowl, combine the ground beef with the ranch dressing mix and the beef rub. Mix gently with your hands, but be careful not to overwork the meat. Form into patties (or more if you want smaller burgers).

Place the burgers in an aluminum pan and place the pan in the smoker or in the oven. Cook for 15 minutes for medium-rare and up to 30 minutes for medium-well.

Remove the burgers and allow them to rest, uncovered. Melt the butter in a medium skillet over medium heat. When the butter is hot but not smoking, slide the burgers carefully into the skillet, using a spatula. Cook the burgers for about 3 minutes on each side, just until they’re seared and a nice crust has formed. Top with cheddar cheese. Transfer burgers onto a platter and let them rest, lightly covered with aluminum foil. In the same medium skillet over medium heat, cook Canadian bacon for about 2 minutes on each side, until lightly crispy. Transfer to paper towels to absorb any excess grease.

Lightly toast the buns and smear the top and bottom halves of each with a little mayonnaise. Add burgers, a slice of Canadian bacon, a piece of lettuce and a slice of ripe tomato.

And that’s the best burger you’ll ever put in your mouth.

Looking for more recipe ideas? Check out this Flag Cake, or this interesting recipe for Root Beer Baked Beans.


Father’s Day. It’s a time to say thank you to the man who did a lot behind the scenes. Sure, some dads may be the cook of the family or may have done the laundry, but what dad’s really do is teach us how to become a great and responsible person. For the men, they show you how to (and how not to) live your life growing up. They give you life advice when you get older and all the while are happy just be alive. For the women, they are there to ward off any bad boys you decide to bring home, and are there for you when you need them most.

While every father and every family is different, we hope that your father instilled great values in your life and taught you wrong from right. That’s all we can really ask for from him. Some dads may have gone above and beyond in their duties, but this day is to celebrate them for who they are and all of the hard work they have put in to raising us properly. They spent all of their hard earned money to spoil you growing up, now here’s your chance to spoil them! Take a look at a few items that your dad will surely love.OBryan-Shorts-Khaki-Back

The O’Bryan Short

It’s a no brainer. Your father grew up with infamous yellow logo and Duck Head name, why not give him a pair of Duck Heads to replace the old worn out pair in his closet from 20 years ago?


The Duck Head Needlepoint Flask

For the father who loves a good tasting bourbon in his drink, but doesn’t want to look like a slob. Give him a well-made flask to level up his drinking game and make his golfing buddies jealous.


The Duck Head Mackenzie Golf Bag

It’s no secret that this bag doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles. This bag is for a simplistic man who loves golf and doesn’t need to fake appearances on the course. A man carrying this bag knows his game and isn’t afraid to let it do the talking.

duck-head-gift-card-webstore-500x500Duck Dollars

Don’t know exactly what to get him? Let him decide! We have gift certificates that will help him pick out the perfect gift of this father’s day.




From all of us here at Duck Head to all the father’s out there, here’s to you. Cheers!

Photo May 25, 3 27 50 PMWith 150 years since the first pair of Duck Head khakis were produced and sold, we have seen a lot of trends come and go. We have made a promise to our customers to create good quality, long lasting, classic products that will never go out of style.

You won’t see any trendy items coming from the Duck Head line. With this promise, our design team spends long hours creating products that will fit comfortably and outlive most of the other items in your closet. We make sure to double stitch and tack where extra stress will be put on our products.

We know that you will be happy with what you buy and want to wear them everywhere, so we know that we must do our homework to accommodate this. For years, we have live by the motto of Fit Better, Wear Longer, we garnet that our products will only get better as time goes on. Thank you for your support of Duck Head and our Made to be Worn® products.

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Ah, such a wonderful time of year. The weather is warming up, vacations are being booked, senioritis is kicking in, and soon-to-be-graduates are hard at work studying to finish up school. For those going off to college, a new wardrobe is in order for all of the extracurricular activities that will ensue. For those entering the workforce, the wardrobe needs some updating of the essential items. We have developed a list of a few items that your graduate will surely enjoy.

The Dixie Oxford

The Dixie Oxford

An oxford is a classic staple in any man’s closet. Why not reward your graduate with something that he can wear everyday? From the graduation ceremony to an interview to a casual day in the park, this shirt will be a great fit for any young man. What better way to congratulate your graduate than a work of art like the Dixie Oxford?

The O'Bryan Pant


The O’Bryan Pant

Every man needs a reliable pair of chinos. Duck Head khakis have been well know for many years for their great construction and fabrics. These new O’Bryan chinos don’t disappoint. With a great fit and even better construction, these pants will last for years. Meaning your graduate will have one less thing to worry about.

The Richmond PoloThe Richmond Polo

Great for a day on the course or a day full of running errands, this polo is a comfortable fabric with a slim, but relaxed fit. You can never have too many polos, and why not have a couple of Richmond polos that your graduate to rely on and will look great with almost anything.

Needlepoint Wallet


Needlepoint Wallet

Everyone needs a wallet. Why not have a wallet that is made of good quality ingredients and will last your graduate for a good portion of their lifetime. This is a product that you will cherish more than the items you hold in it.


Congratulations from Duck Head to all of the graduates out there. We wish you luck in all of your future endeavors!

Many apparel brands out there now-a-days boast about tradition, authenticity, classic, and being truly Southern. Duck Head, the original Southern brand, has been all of these and more since way before these founder’s grandparents were born. To us, it’s more than trying to make a brand what we want to be, it’s about living up to and surpassing the legacy that we were left with.

Our unmatched quality and care is something we don’t take lightly.

Duck Head, The Original Southern Brand.

After 150 years, we have a truly unique story and each day we pay homage to the O’Bryan Brothers by perfecting our craft and bringing you the best products we can. Our unmatched quality and customer care is something we don’t take lightly. So, while other brands claim that they are truly original and authentic, we can guarantee you that we not only are, but we will always be. Our Duck Head products are Made to be Worn® for casual Fridays, but rugged enough for Saturdays in the field.


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